DF1/DF2 3di to Obj Converter

DF1/DF2 3di to Obj Converter

How to use this program:
You can open individual *.3di files by clicking on “Open 3Di”
or you can open a 3Di file inside any *.pff file (the DF1/2
resource files). For example if you just want to see what
objects DeltaForce1 has: Click on “Open Pff”, then in the list
below you can double click on any file to open it. However
when you open a 3di file inside a *.pff file it will be
extracted rather then edited directly for savty reasons.
(This way there is no possibility that this program can
damage the opend *.pff file, and the file that is edited is
only an extracted backup file)

The Menus:
Textures: This menu and the list below displays the
textures stored in the opened 3Di file, again
double clicking on any texture will display it.
3D Data: This menu you can select and preview any 3D
objects inside the 3Di file, double click on a
3D object to see a preview window.

The 3D View Window: This Still need a lot of work and there
is no true 3d view yet, only a side, front
and top view.

Tip: If you click inside the window you
can drag the object into a better

Export Functions:
Texture: You can export textures as a 256 palette
Microsoft BMP file.
3D Mesh: This function is very primitive right now,
it will export the selected 3D mesh as a
OBJ file (*.obj) as it was for me the
simplest format to quickly implement.

Import Function:
Textures: Right now you can only import textures that
are: 1.) Windows BitMap (*.bmp) format
2.) Un Compressed
3.) 8 Bit Color images (256 colors)
4.) Are of the same dimensions as the
original bitmap in the 3Di file!
5.) Must be upside down (rotated 180
Degrees) before import!
Objects: Not yet available (Coming Soon 🙂

Know Bugs in Version 0.5:
Fixed!->1.) The program only loads Delta Force 1 files
2.) The program crashes when loading some 3di Files.
3.) The exported textures are upside down.