3DMAX BF2 Tool

3DMAX BF2 Tool

3DMAX Tool for Extracting BF2 files to add into Novalogic Games


Extract the content of the archive file to your 3ds Max root folder (ex. C:\3dsMax9\)

Choose “yes” when prompted if you want to overwrite the existing file.

Start 3dsMax



You need to have the content of the Objects_client.zip and Objects_server.zip extracted to the same folder
for the import of meshes to work!

BundleMesh Wizard:
Select visible, col, wreck and/or lod meshes then run wizard.
Col, wreck and lod meshes is optional.
Wreck mesh name must be prefixed with “wreck”.
Col mesh for main must be prefixed with “col”
Col mesh for wreck must be prefixed with “w_col”.
lod meshes must be named “lod1”, “lod2”, and so on.
Remember to remove the prefix from the wrecks cols before exporting!

StaticMesh Wizard:
Select visible, col and/or lod meshes then run wizard.
Col and lod meshes is optional.
Col mesh must be prefixed with “col”
lod meshes must be named “lod1”, “lod2”, and so on.

Reset Transform and Scale util:
Use this if your model isn’t being exported with the size or rotation you have it in max before export.

Lod Generator – generation of lod1, lod2 and lod3
Checking the generate lods checkbox before running wizards will generate lods for the object aswell as setting the hierachy.
Using the “Generate Lods from Selection” util will make lods from the selected objects that should already be set in
proper hierachy. The tool will keep the hierachy in the generated lods based on what’s in the lod0. The tool will however ignore
objects prefixed with col , nonvis_

Bone For Selection tool:
Select the springs on your tank and run this tool. It will generate pyramid objects for the springs to use as bones when skinning the treads.

Remove root bone:
This checkbox on the export rollout will run a tool after export of an animation that removes the root bone from the animation.
This should be done with 3p animations that doesn’t have an animated root node.

JO & JO:E 3DMax Files

These are all the static models for JO and JO:E in 3DMax format.

They have all the image files and 3DMAX files with the collision boxes so you can see how Novalogic did it.