Bear Force Mod (BFM) v1.2 FULL

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  • Create Date April 18, 2022
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Bear Force Mod (BFM) v1.2 FULL

Changes in the HUD Section:
V9TE-MED for Delta Force Xtreme Full Version

New primary weapons:
Shotgun (sustained fire)
AK47 (sustained fire and independent fire)
AK47/GP-25 (sustained fire, independent fire and mortar)
AK74 (sustained fire and independent fire)
AK74-Thermal (sustained fire and independent fire)
AK74/GP-25 (sustained fire, independent fire and mortar)
FN-FNC (sustained fire, burst of fire, independent fire)
G3 (sustained fire and independent fire)
G36 (sustained fire and independent fire)
M4-Thermal (sustained fire and independent fire)
M4/203 (sustained fire, independent fire and mortar)
P90 (sustained fire and independent fire)
MP5/10 (sustained fire and independent fire)
PKM (Machine Gun)
RPK-74 (Machine Gun)
M240 (Machine Gun)
M60 (Machine Gun)
L115A (marksman gun with zoom lens)
M21 (marksman gun with zoom lens)
M21-Thermal (sniper rifle with zoom lens)
PSG1 (sniper rifle with zoom lens)
SR-25 (sniper rifle with zoom lens)
SVD (sniper rifle with zoom lens)

New secondary weapons:
Anti- Tank Mine
FIM-92A Stinger (ground to air rocket with tracking)
RPG7 (Antitank grenade launcher)
Body Armor
M224 60mm Mortar
Javelin (ground to ground rocket with tracking)

New Vehicles:
Apache Gunship like KA-52
Abrams M1A2 tank like T-80
Civilian Taxi

Additional Features:
The M4 got now an aim laser.
Shot-(!) and Loading Sound for the T80.
Ammunition of the AT4 up on 3 rockets.
M60 on the zodiac works now too.
Helicopters with rockets can shoot now.
And the Ka-52 has a Gunner with MG and rockets now

New Terrains:
10 new Terrains for DF:X added by Cavebear exported from JO:E

The MEDPACK is now on Key 2 and can be used infinitely.
- New Compassring created by Cutter-s8-.
- New HUD Icons for most vehicles.
- New HUD Icons for some Weapons.

Changes in the Vehicle Section:

- Apache Gunship is now available.
- Abrams M1A2 Main Battle Tank is now available.

Changes in the Weapon Section:

- New Secondary Weapon for the Apache Gunship (Hellfire-Rocket with tracking).
- New Secondary Weapon for the Hokum Gunship (Vikhr-Rocket with tracking).
- Cleaned up Scopes of the G36 and P90.
- Change of clip size and Ammo at some Weapons.

Changes in the Game Section:

- 20 free chooseable Ingame Avartars.
- 13 New mission goals for Coop Maps.
- New Ingame Stats created by Cavebear-HB-.
- The 7 Exp Terrains created by SoniDeath.
- New Design for all Power-ups created by TOUROK
- 5 New Power-up Boxes (Javelin, Stinger etc.)

Changes in the Map Section:

- 300 New Items and Decoration.
- Now Rats available created by Cavebear-HB-.
- Now Piranhas available created by Cavebear-HB-.
- And some little surprises. Very Happy
- Now Single Shot Javelin Bot available.
- Now Single Shot Stinger Bot available.

How to install BFM pdf >>HERE<<