Shoch n Awe v5 (for JOTR)

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  • Create Date April 17, 2022
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Shoch n Awe v5 (for JOTR)

Shock 'n Awe for JO MOD details:
* all JO stuff
* all Escalation stuffMost of the stuff from:
* Urban Assault
* Deep Jungle
* Insurgency
* Terranova
* and some newer stuffTEAMTXD.COM ( Has spent hours on end to get this mod finished and ready for release. We would like to thank everyone involved in the project for all their help. We will have the mod ready for Download here in the downloads section sometime later today. I just want to make sure there are not last minute changes that need to be made.

v5.0 NOTES:
This is a completely new release of the original ShocknAwe JO Mod. This version will completely replace version 1.4 if you have it. All existing JO, JO-Escalation and ShocknAwe JO maps will work with this version. We did a full release instead of just an update due to the amount of changes that we made.

Here are a few changes that were made as well as items added.

- Fixed terrains issues

- Fixed grass from rendering upside down

- Increased ammo count on Javelin and Barret

- Allowed more weapons to be carried by More Classes and all weapons are now available to Joint Op' & Rebels.

- Optimized files to run faster with less lag than the original JO game.

- Optimized sound files

- Thermite Grenade (We would like to Thank the IC Mod team for the Thermite Grenade).

- Added a Dart gun for the Medics called the Adrenalin Gun. It allows you to heal teammates from a distance. However if used on the enemy and or a healthy teammate, it can be deadly.

- added about 200 more models to the game including a lot of favorites from BHD and TeamSabre.

**This mod has been approved by NovaLogic for release on NovaWorld, based on limited testing of functionality and content. NovaLogic accepts no responsibility for this mod and anyone playing it does so at his own risk. NovaLogic retains copyright and ownership of all NovaLogic created assets in this mod, but makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for this mod, including any copyright or intellectual property infringements in the mod, which are the sole responsibility of the mod creator(s). NovaLogic reserves the right to rescind its approval at any time for any reason or no reason.