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BF2 items into JO/DFX2

BF2 Items into JO/DFX

• You will need 3DS Max you can get free as a student
• 3DS Max BHD Blank Scene >>HERE<<
• The BF2 plugin for 3DS Max you can get >>HERE<<
• You will need a copy of BF2 installed to get the files to convert

Go to you BF2 game directory, you will see about half a dozen .zip files
Select them all and extract them all back into your main directory.
If Windows won’t allow you to do it just make a new folder on your desk top and extract to there, call it something like BF2 Items

Download the BF2 plugin and copy the files into your main 3DS Max directory, overwrite the files…

Open 3DS Max with the BHD Blank Scene, and in the top taskbar you will see BF2 with a drop down box.

Click on BF2 Utilities tab and a new window will come up, click on Mesh Importer. Now you need to navigate to the BF2 directory where you unzipped the files.

When in the game directory, look for a folder called “staticobjects” this is where you will find the building models.
Select a model say office_02.con and click Open. Give it a second or two and it should import into you 3DS Max.

You will need to rescale the size of the model to fit into the game as it will be either way to big or too small as in a mini item. Make sure you save the new item in 3DS Max so you don’t lose all your work.

So at this point we have our new BF2 item resized in 3DS Max, from here it is the same as any other model. You have to add the collision boxes and other bit but you will be on your way now…

When you export it as a ASE file you will probably have to change a bit of coding and image manipulation. What i mean is the texture name are to long for the Nova engine to read so you will have to re name them to something smaller. You will also have to change the .dds to .tga format.