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City Mod

I have always liked the idea of a Modern City Mod rather than the old war torn theme. So i have started to organize some of the Models i have collected and purchased over time. I did start a mod some time back but lost all the works when the HDD died so everything I'm doing now is from scratch.

Here is a basic scene i started showing some basic items, Table and Chairs, Phone box, Planter boxes and Plants, Rubbish bin, Barrier Railing, Bench Seat.

I also have some Red, Green and Flashing Amber Traffic Lights, a few signs and bits. Not forgetting i also have the Modern Cars to add.

I will add more pic's when i get a chance

I grabbed the Building out of the Freedom Warrior Mod and imported it into JO...
Only problem is when converting it, it didn't copy the lighting or textures properly so i had to redo it from scratch.
Still a bit of work to go on this one but looking good i think.

It has 8 stories you can use with a balcony on each level, also access to the roof via the internal stair well.

Here is another Building from the FW Mod i imported. Just a static building but suits the modern theme.