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Fixing Nova's slow ROF in multiplayer

I'm experimenting with a way to fix the full auto fire in multiplayer.

In vanilla nova games, shooting full auto in multiplayer sounds slow from a 3rd person perspective. The sound you hear from other players don't match the actual rate of fire or number of bullets actually being fired.

Seem to have found a work around for that. Now just have to implement this for all full autos.


I think there are a few mods that worked those areas Marksman Project and Reality Mod. Sometimes it's easier to see how far other have worked it before going alone at it, i mean just to save time in testing. But in saying that i think your already there lol.

Oh i liked the sound of the gun at "A Bit Closer" in boat, the second go at it, think 1:50 in


Oh cool, i had not realized. I don't think i got to play those mods much in multiplayer due to bad isp.


I've run into a snag though. The sound loops work fine in 3rd person on the server side, but the client cannot hear them.


Both directories have all the same files for the mod.


I looked at the minigun because it works fine on both sides. I replaced the minigun soundset with my gun loop soundset and it works for the client when fired from an emplaced mini. I then used the minigun soundset on a handheld weapon and it does not work for the client.


So we can rule out the soundsets as being the issue.


Its just strange that it works for the server but not the client.