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Miniguns detaching from Blackhawks

I am so lost on this question. This bug.

In the SFOD mod for DFX2/JO that Blaze and I are (sort of) working on, I keep experiencing miniguns detaching from transport helicopters and just hanging in the air. Sometimes with an AI attached, sometimes not, sometimes with an AI attached that gets killed. But then there's just a minigun in the air. On respawn, the heli has neither that MG, nor that attach point. Sometimes, the MG can be destroyed, then the husk hangs in the air.

Today I noted that an MG detached from the empty BH I was piloting when the AI attacked.

I have actually done this: flying full tilt from here to there, helicopter explodes, and I notice that I had crashed into an MG just sitting in the air.

This only happens with miniguns on helicopters. However, as far as I can recall, in this mod, only helicopters have miniguns, and only miniguns are on helicopters.

I'm hoping someone that's seen this can verify my story, and I really hope someone that's fixed this can provide guidance.

Attached  .jpg not actually related to this post.

Edit: .jpg attached in this edit related to the unrelated .jpg attached to this post.

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Can you provide some more details about the assets related to the bug?

  1. Is the heli model original, or has it been modified or replaced with a new model?
  2. Is the minigun model original?
  3. From what I gather, it happens with any heli with door mounted muni's? Blackhawk, Puma, and Chinook?
  4. What changes, if any, have been made to the item.def script for the heli?
  5. What changes, if any, have been made to the item.def script for the minigun?
    • Specifically any changes to "attrib:", "ai_function", "move_function", "render_function", or "disk_function" ?
  6. What changes, if any, have been made to the weapon.def script for the minigun?
  7. Has any of the ".AIP" files used by the heli been modified? Or has it been set to a different AIP (AI text file) in its item attributes in the MED?
  8. Does this happen on any map, or a specific map?
  9. Does it only happen in multiplayer testing, or does it also happen in offline maps or on the server side as well?
  10. How repeatable is the bug?
    • From what you've said, it seems more random. If possible try to find some circumstances that seem to reliably cause the issue to repeat and begin eliminating variables from there.


Personally, I've never had this issue or heard of it. It almost sounds like something model and/or item script related. I'll be following along on this one. Very curious.

I've been avoiding this reply 'cause I'm woefully underprepared to do it well, but...

3. I've seen this happen to every helicopter with emplaced miniguns for passengers. This does not happen to the minigun Little Bird.

6. I've tweaked some things in every weapon.def entry, but nothing radical on the miniguns.

8. and 9. I've seen it happen in single player and serve and play LAN I played alone, and in every map that has helicopters with miniguns.

10. It happens a lot. I have not been tracking stats on it, though.

All other questions require intensive combing through .def files and/or a conversation with Blaze.

I'm suspecting the miniguns detach when they get hit directly by enemy AI fire. I have not seen it happen when I shoot at an enemy in a helicopter and I hit the gun, I'm usually seeking cover or failing to find it and dying at that moment.

I was playing the SP map "Street Justice," and at the end, after getting the top bad guy, you win the mission by driving north into the woods. To the south of the map, near the spawn, there's a BTR you can destroy that respawns, and you can take it and run around being chaos, and I drove it to the end with scroll lock on, and as the win event triggered, I swear that the turret stopped and the BTR kept going.

But, you know how some days, you find a bug you need to fix and you just get crushed by an avalanche of Noidowanna?

This post was my hope I could get around that.

I'll hunt the bug at some point, and I'll bring a report after actions. Not today, though.

Yesterday was all about this map and this reticle for me. The reticle's mostly done, and the map is amazing for sniper testing. The 900m target on the tower and the 1000m target to the right are like the 100m to 800m targets in that they have 20cm² steam grates mounted on their 'heads' and you have to hit them to progress.

That's the full_10.env if you need 1000m visibility on your map.

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Okay, I've wasted everybody's time. Or proven something or other.

All I had to do was look at things, really. Eventually, I would've looked at the items.def. It was actually the first thing I looked at, but its place on the list was secure.

I immediately thought, "Oh, item id 101871, the mountable minigun, has armor 0 0. That looks wrong to me."

I never do long-story-short essays, but if the armor values on your mounted miniguns is not "-1" and just "-1" fuckery ensues. I think. Further testing pending.

Sorry for slow reply been busy of late working on other projects...

Glad you worked it out, it would of had me stumped for a while working it out but as with most it is a process of eliminating one thing at a time and directing to the fault.