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Playing with Distortion

Decided to take a break from work on the vehicle stuff and mess around with the Distort particle effects and try some things to see how else they could be used. I thought it would look cool to make water ripple effects using this. You can also use it to make some cool blast wave and muzzle flash effects.

Some of them might be hard to see in the video. I tried to upload it in the best quality i could. The muzzle effect looks much better in game than the video, but those effects happen more quickly so its not going to show as well in video. But the others are pretty visible.

What do you think?



Quote from oscarmike_247 on April 21, 2022, 3:22 am

What do you think?

i think you are adapting to modding very well lol, you seen to pick it up quite quickly.

I like the effects, think it was called the Superfoilisation which was brought into JO as a selling point, the water effects it had at the time were the best...

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I've been doing this off and on quite awhile actually. Been making maps for Delta force since i was like 12. That was 16 uears ago. Started making and texturing 3d models at age 14. Been messing around with modding for just about that long. Just not this extensively.

Yeah, the water is very good. very inconsistent with the rest of the game. I love tye game, but the art direction was all over the place. I feel they could have done much better in many areas even with the hardware limitations of the time. Especially the first person weapons.

Some things are detailed and have character but most of the graphics are very bland and generic. Definitely could have made more interesting textures and models with similar poly count.